5 Best gaming keyboard under 100 dollars

Hello all the gamers’ out there today we will be talking about “gaming keyboard”. Gaming keyboard are specially designed for the people who live and breathe game. These keyboards are engineered for high-end performance and provide you with great gaming quality.

When we think about the gaming keyboard, two things strikes our mind ‘why’ and ‘what are they’. Well before directly going to the best gaming keyboard, I would love to share the importance of these keyboards.

Following are the things you get with the gaming keyboard: –

1. Macro functions: – this function allows you to perform series of actions on a single click. For example, pressing custom key 1 triggers the player’s combinational abilities.

2. Digital display: – not only the performance but high-end keyboard comes with LCD track pads or touch screen which also allows you to customize key according to your needs.

3. Gaming mode: – it locks the windows key as soon as you play game which prevents the game to go in background activity.

4. Backlight: – it gives you the eye catching background lights in the keyboard. Some keyboards also let you customize the lights.

Last but not the least it gives you the best comfort and helps you to get better with your play.

So let’s start with list of the best gaming keyboard in market right now under 100 dollars: –


1. AULA SI-859 gaming keyboard: –


a3First up in the list of the best gaming keyboard is “AULA SI-859”. This keyboard gives you the 3 amazing backlight purple, red and blue. Backlight gives you four modes to adjust to with amazing laser carving characters. We talk about the design; this gaming keyboard gives you non-slip design for more comfort. A Spacebar is one of the important key in the game. This keyboard gives you the strengthened spacebar which allows you to play for longer period of time.


It is wired USB keyboard with 104 keys with backlight makes it look more amazing. Gives key distance of 2mm which will make it easier to deal with. It also gives you the unlocking and locking of the windows keys. This gaming keyboard is ultra thin and is very handy and quick response makes it more perfect for the gamers. It runs on latest windows 10 and also in the older versions like 7-8 with Mac OS and UNIX too. It weighs 1.5 pounds and with very comfortable palm rest which makes it easier to play for longer period.
All these features under 100 dollars are one the best deals for any gamer.


2. Das division zero X40 gaming keyboard: –


dv3Next up in the list of best gaming keyboard is “Das division zero X40”. The one of the best thing about this keyboard is that it comes with interchangeable top panels. It gives you ease and comfort so that you can match your mechanical keyboard to your gaming style and comfort. Its metal design makes it more durable and is long lasting.


Available in various designs like Stryker red, Stryker olive, Defarmer mustard, Defarmer silver.
This keyboard is easy to use and improves your game playing quality. Its top panel is made of sleek anodized aluminium which improves durability and provides you the nicest look. When you get the things which have the prints, there is possibility of getting scratches. This camo designs are pad printed and scratch resistant.
All this features just fewer than 100 dollars is worth buying.


3. Redragon ASURA K501 gaming keyboard: –


r3Redragon is been great in its gaming accessories from gaming console to its mouse. Now we present you another gaming keyboard “Redragon ASURA K501”. If we talk about the visuals and design of this keyboard, it comes with 7 colour backlit keys. Not only this you can also adjust the brightness and pulsing rate for LED lighting. When we talk about the keys on this keyboard, it comes with 104 standard keys with 32 conflict-free key options and 12 multimedia keys. It also gives you 8 programmable keys and 2 options for input speeds.


The major issue gamers may come across is they sometimes accidentally step into windows key and you step out of the game. This keyboard solves this problem by disabling the windows key and resolves as soon as you are done with games. It is also splashing resistant so drink and play but never drink and drive. If we talk about the compatibility of the keyboard it works with windows 7,8 and 10 and also with vista.
All this features in just fewer than 100 dollars makes you buy it and it’s definitely worth it.


4. Logitech G710+ gaming keyboard: –


l4The next up in our list of best gaming key is “Logitech G710+”. This keyboard is mixture of mechanical as well as gaming keyboard. This mechanical key gives you the gaming grade responsiveness. You can easily adjust the brightness of the WASD and arrow keys so you can find the keys in any light. It also gives you the 6 programmable G keys. You can configure 18 unique functions per game.


As it is the gaming keyboard, it comes with high performance gaming keys. It gives you 110 anti-ghosting keys and 26 rollover keys help you to take perfect step with precision. Comes with one-touch media control to mute and playback control. It also gives you removable palm rest which you can put when you need and remove when you don’t. When we talk compatibility, it works fine with windows 7, 8, 10 and vista.
These features are great and are just fewer than 100 dollars is the one of the best buy of keyboard.



5. Steel Series 64470 Apex 350 gaming keyboard: –


ss2Next up in the list is “Steel Series 64470 Apex 350”. Apart from all these keyboards, this steel series gives you the best customization lighting and macros keys. This gaming keyboard gives you fast action keys which allow gamer to react quickly and always a step ahead. It also gives you the 16.8 million of colour illumination, low profile keys and also sleek lines comes together and gives you the beauty of the keyboard.


It is designing in such a fashion that the most important keys in the gaming supports the anti-ghosting approach. If we are talking about design, it also gives you the bump on the ‘W’ key so that you can get back to game easily without any efforts.

This keyboard is one of the best gaming keyboards in the list and is worth buying.


So these were the best gaming keyboard available in the market. Yes you can find much more than this but these are the best. I have spent my lots of time in bringing all these together so if you are looking for the gaming keyboard, close your eyes and take any of this and I assure you, you won’t be regretting it.
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