5 best gaming monitor under 500 dollars

Hello all the gamers out there, today we will be talking about the best gaming monitor available in the market. Before we move on to the topic I would like to share information about “Things to keep in mind while buying gaming monitor”. What makes a complete gaming set? Not only good graphics card, good desktop, good mouse, keyboard etc makes a complete gaming set but monitor also plays an important role in it. Graphics card gives you good graphics, mouse and keyboard gives you control over the game but what about the display. Display needs to be perfect to get the best gaming experience.

No one likes to play game where characters looks blur or the desktop doesn’t support the game’s graphics. For best gaming experience you need best gaming monitor. Nowadays, there are numbers of monitors in the market which provides you the nicest gaming experience. Bigger the monitor betters the game display.


Things to keep in mind while buying one of the best gaming monitor:-

1. Size and Resolution: – Size and resolution matters a lot while gaming. There are many 27inch screen monitors available in the market with the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels which gives you Full High Definition. Newly launched 27inch screen monitor also gives 2560×1440 pixels with wide Quad high definition display. Higher the pixels better the display.

2. Response and refresh rate: – As we are here talking about the best gaming monitor, they should have fast response time and better refresh rate. Response rate is damn important in gaming because no one likes to lose a game where enemy killed you and you can’t do anything because you didn’t have nicer response time. Gray to gray is commonly used pixel response spec which is measured in milliseconds. A gray to gray response of 2 milliseconds or less is said to be ideal. When we talk about refresh rate, sometimes fast moving objects may appear blurry. This is because of lack of refresh rate in your monitor.

3. Video inputs: – Everyone loves to play games with different gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox One. Now your monitor should be equipped in such a way that there are ports for this kind of stuff. HDMI ports, USB ports are like cherry on the cake. If you have all this, than you have the best gaming monitor

4. Price: – “Price” if everything is right, price is the thing you to worry about. One monitors giving all the features and takes all of your money is not worth it.


You have to take care of the wallet and find the best gaming monitor. It is bit tough job, so we are here for you. Today we will be showing you the best gaming monitor fewer than 500 dollars, so let’s start.

5) Acer GN246HL: –

First up in our list of best gaming monitor is “Acer GN246HL”. Acer has never let you down in terms of electronic devices and now it came up with this amazing gaming monitor.

acer 1791acer1


If we talk about its specs, this Acer monitor comes with amazing 24inch full high definition display with 1920×1080 pixel resolution. All this with LED screen not only makes your gaming experience better but also gives you chills while watching movies. Contrast ratio of 100 million: 1 radiates the brightest whites and blacks giving you the crystal clear view. When we talk about the refresh rate of this monitor, it comes with refresh rate of 144Hz. Its response time is 1 millisecond which takes your gaming experience to next level.



This Acer monitor comes with NVIDIA 3D technology which gives life to your games. It also gives you VGA, DVI and HDMI ports through which you can connect your tablet or mobile to the monitor. These ports let you experience the Full HD from your other devices. All this features within your budget makes this monitor one of the best gaming monitor present in the market.

4) ASUS MX259H: –

Next in my list of best gaming monitor is “ASUS MX259H”. Asus is said to be one of best company which provides you the nicest gaming accessories.


When we talk about the specs of this monitor, it comes with Full HD LED display with 178° wide-view angle. It comes with frameless design which gives you edge to edge brilliance. It gives you 1980×1080 resolutions on beautiful 25inch screen. This is one of the best gaming monitor because its response time is 5millisecond and contrast ratio is 80,000,000:1. This gives you nicer gaming experience and better display quality.

asus4It is comes with Asus Sonic Master technology which gives you better audio experience. If you want to enjoy multi-device connectivity, this monitor gives you Dual HDMI ports and D-sub ports. This monitor is said to be one of the best monitor because it comes with “Eye Care Technology”. This technology prevents your eyes from fatigue and other symptoms caused by screen flicker. All this features makes this monitor one of the best gaming monitor less than 500 dollars.

3) LG Electronics Gaming 24GM77-B monitor: –

Next up in the list of best gaming monitor is “LG Electronics gaming 24GM77-B monitor”. LG has been up to the mark with its other devices like phones, tablets etc. Now we will talk the gaming monitor launched by LG Electronics.


This LG Gaming monitor comes with 24inch HD screen with the resolution of 1920×1080. It also comes with LG’s
Black stabilizer which senses the dark scenes and makes it look brighter. This helps you in finding and fighting your enemies who are hiding in the dark. When we talk its refresh rate, it gives you 144Hz refresh rate so that you can enjoy crystal clear gaming without any blur. With this monitor you can experience every single moment in real-time. It’s time to talk about the response time which one of the important part of best gaming monitor. It comes with 1millisecond of response time which helps you to play first person shooter game better.





It comes with 3 gaming modes. 2 first-person shooter and even an RTS preset mode so you can choose which suits you the best. This monitor comes with ergonomic stand which can support your long gaming session for longer period and in every angle. It also gives you 2 HDMI ports so that you can connect the external devices to it. All this features in just under 500 dollar makes it one of the best gaming monitor in the market.

2) AOC G2460PG: –

Next up in my list of best gaming monitor is “AOC G2460PG”. AOC is one of the nicest electronics companies which provide you the best display and leader in display manufacturing.


This AOC gaming monitor gives you 24inch LED screen with resolution of 1920×1080 Full HD. It also gives you
NVIDIA ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur) which takes your gaming experience to the next level. When we talk the refresh rate of this monitor, it comes with the refresh rate of 144Hz and ULMB gives you blur free games. Its response time is 1millisecond which is said to be perfect for gaming monitors.





It is sync with NVIDIA G-sync engine and comes with 3D vision technology. It also gives you 2 display ports 1.2 with 3.0 USB and another with 2.0 USB. All this features just under 500 dollars makes this one of the best gaming monitor and worth buying.

1. Acer Predator XB241H: –

Next up is the “Acer Predator XB241H”. Acer is Taiwanese multinational hardware company which has been great with its electronic gadgets and devices and never let you down when it comes to PCs and laptops.

acer 3991predator1



This Acer Predator, the name itself says it is the predator of the gaming monitor and is one of the best gaming
monitor. It comes with beautiful 24inch full HD screen with NVIDIA G-sync. This screen gives you 1920×1080 resolutions and always keeps you in the action. The response time of this gaming monitor is 1millisecond with the refresh rate of 144Hz which takes your gaming experience to next level.





It comes with built-in eye protection and ergonomics allows you to play non-stop without any fatigue. This Acer gets entry in my list of best gaming laptops due to its features and its great LED screen and fast response time. If you are finding the best gaming monitor in less than 500 dollars than this is the best buy.




So these were my opinion on the best gaming monitor which can give you best gaming experience and takes your gaming to next level. Thank you reading my post and don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on social media and stay in touch for more buying guides. KEEP GAMING.

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