5 best gaming mouse under 20 dollars: Gamer’s true friend


Every gamer needs best gaming mouse so that they can have great gaming experience. A mouse with which you are not comfortable and make your gaming experience poor is of no use and one wants to play with that mouse. So yes every gamer needs a mouse which they use whole day without any complains so here I present you the “Best gaming mouse”. But gaming mouse can be very expensive and everyone cannot afford it so here we will talk about the “best gaming mouse under 20 dollars” but first we will talk about the necessity of the gaming mouse, what things we need to keep in mind while buying a best gaming mouse:-

• The DPI (dots per inch) of the mouse.
• How much comfortable you are while you are using it.
• How smooth it works.
•It’s weight.
• How much programmable buttons does it have?
• And the last one its price.
So let’s start with our list of best gaming mouse under 20 dollars:-

5. Tecknet raptor:-

One of the best gaming mouse in my list “Tecknet M268” which is comfortable to use and do not let you down in precision which comes with TruWave sensor by giving you high-accuracy cursor control. It comes with integrated 2000DPI and adjustable DPI of 600/1200/2000. When we talk about frame rate it gives you 4000 frame/sec. Now let’s talk about design of this mouse, it comes with cable and USB port which connects directly to your PC or laptop. It also have beautiful curves which fits your palm and smooth underside tips gives you nice comfort and control. It weighs only 40g which is acceptable. All this features just fewer than 20 dollars its great buy.


4. Airfox GM001:-

Next in my list of best gaming mouse under 20 dollars is “Airfox GM001”, which comes with 60MHz running frequency and 1ms USB report rate gives you, nicest gaming experience. It comes with four adjustable DPI settings of 800/1600/2400/3200 with speed of 60ips and 2G acceleration which gives you powerful control while you are playing. It also gives you 6400 frame/sec image processing speed and 60 inches/s tracking speed which can increased up to 1000 times/s. Now when we talk of design of this mouse, it fits nicely in your hand and gives you wonderful gaming experience while it is compatible with windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS. It is simple to use, comes with six buttons and is just plug and play and no additional software required. All this features makes this one of the best gaming mouse.


3. Pictek:-


Next up in my best gaming list is “pictek wireless gaming mouse”. It gives you amazing gaming experience without cables. This picteck mouse comes with 5 adjustable DPI levels of 800/1200/1600/2000/2400 with 2.4 GHz wireless technology and compatible with windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10/MAC etc. When we talk about the features of this mouse, it gives you auto turn off feature in which if mouse is not used for 8 minutes it will switched to power saving mode and you just to click any button to restart it. It also gives you low battery indicator with beautiful style and comfortable design. It gives you different LED lights for different DPIs and the power source for this mouse is 1PCS AA battery which you have to buy externally. This entire great feature under 20 dollars makes it one of best gaming mouse.

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2. Xchords (TM) ZM700:-



Next in my best gaming mouse list is “Xchords (TM) ZM700”, this mouse gives you one of the nicest precision and speed. It comes with DPI adjustable upto 2500 with 5 programmable buttons and comfortable grip with sweat-proof texture which is equipped with chipset A5050 and HT553 giving you high performance. Now let’s talk about design of this mouse, it is very user-friendly and comes with great palm resting design with 7 LED colors. All this features makes this one of the best gaming mouse in the market under 20 dollars.

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1. VicTsing :-


Last but not the least the best gaming mouse under 20 dollars “VicTsing”. A mouse which is designed for game lovers that comes with 5 adjustable DPI. It also have and 6 programmable buttons which come into action after installing the software. You can personalize it according to your needs. It comes with minimum 400DPI which can be changed to maximum 6400 DPI on one click. It is plug and play easy to use and user-friendly. When we talk about its design, it is comfortable to use and compatible with windows 10/8/7/2000/Mac and other OS. It also contains LED lights which makes it look fancy and cool. All this feature just under 20 dollars make it best gaming mouse.



These was my best gaming mouse list under 20 dollars. Other websites may confuse you, so I have done my full research and came to the conclusion that these mouse will change your gaming experience.

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