The new acer predator helios 300 : Is it the best gaming Laptop with GTX 1060?[June 2017]

Is acer predator helios 300 the best gaming laptop with GTX 1060 ? Let’s find out.

acer predator helios 300

Acer Predator Helios 300 Specs

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The acer predator helios 300 is really the best gaming laptop in the market right now is the big question. Well not to worry, we are here to answer it. Today’s article is all about the “acer predator helios 300“. Acer has given us one of the nicest gaming notebooks and is now back with another notebook. So let us don’t waste much of time and start with the review of “Predator helios 300“.

No time to read check out our summary:-

1. The unboxing

2. Design

3. Display

4. Keyboard

5. Processor

6. GPU

7. Conectives

8. Performance

9. The final verdict

The Unboxing:

Well unboxing is the first of reviewing anything. We are here to see the unboxing of the amazing acer  predator helios 300. Continuing our unboxing, this gaming laptop comes with black color briefcase type bag as others and looks very attractive at the first site. As you can see the amazing predator logo is in the middle which catches your eyes at the first impression.

acer predator helios 300

Moving on, when you open the box wide open, you will get another box just for the safety purpose. After that you will find your laptop in it with the some of the user guide manuals and one warranty card if in case you want to repair or stuff. You will also get the charger which is smaller than you get in Acer VX series. Being the charger less heavy, you can carry it anywhere you want to.

The warranty card accolade the choice of buying this gaming laptop and there are some customer care number if you want to contact them.

As you can see that laptop is covered with whole plastic sheet just to make it smudge and scar free. When you remove the plastic the amazing shinny laptop is here for you. The laptop is designed with aluminium which makes it more stronger. One thing you won’t like is it will still shows your fingerprint on the laptop whenever you touch it.

So that was it in our unboxing section. Let us start with our review.

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acer predator helios 300

Acer has not been the greatest name in the gaming market but is brings us the new Predator Helios 300. When you buy gaming laptop, performance is not everything looks also matters to some and this gaming laptop will not let you down. It is made with amazing two deadly color combination of red and black. acer predator helios 300If these two colors don’t catch your eyes, we have another interesting feature. This gaming notebook has metal finish which makes it more eye catching. The logo with predator written under it is very attractive. The two red strips on both the side gives glimpses of Asus ROG Series. The fans are on the back hand side while all the connectives are divided, some on right and some on left. The keyboard is as usual as other.

This gaming notebook is quite heavy weighing 6 pounds but is very handy and portable and easy to carry. The vents are at the back side of the laptop which is a very nice design technique. It is base and surrounding are purely of aluminium which makes it more stronger and durable. One thing one won’t want is the finger prints remain on the laptop.

That was all about the design of newly released acer predator helios 300.


acer predator helios 300If someone is buying gaming laptop, the first thing to check out the screen. Each and every action will be on the screen and plays vital making a laptop into extraordinary one. A good display always a plus point.

This gaming laptop Helios 300 by Acer comes with 15.6 inch of display which is more than Razer Blade, similar to Asus and Dell inspiron 15 but less than HP Omen. The resolution it offers you is amazing 1920 x 1080 again less than HP Omen but similar to Dell inspiron. With this display one can get in the game and experience the best of the best. It also comes with wide IPS display which takes your gaming to the next level.

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acer predator helios 300

Keyboard play vital role in gaming. If display is the important, so as the keyboard. It is the weapon with which you can dominate any game.

Keyboard of these gaming laptop Acer Predator Helios 300 is similar to other gaming laptops. With anti-ghosting feature and WASD highlighted one can play anywhere and any condition day or night very effectively.

The trackpad is smooth and very nicely placed right under the space bar. Unlike other gaming laptops, it comes with numpad as well. It’s metal finish is amazingly done and very pleasing and easy to use as well.

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Moving forward in our review of Helios 300, we will talk about the most important thing in gaming laptop “Processor, GPU and Storage”.

Well we can say that processor is food for laptop, and this gaming laptop “Acer Predator Helios 300” comes with amazing Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor with 2.8 GHz of speed. That is not it, it also gives you faster performance with 16GB of RAM which takes you gaming experience to the next level.

Moving forward towards the storage, it might let you down that storage is just 256GB which is way less than any other gaming notebook.


It is the time everyone was waiting for. Now we will talk about the GPU of this gaming laptop.

This gaming laptop comes with Nvidia GTX 1060 which is 2.3% faster and better than Nvidia 980 and 76.1% faster than Nvidia GTX 960. With this graphics card you don’t have to make any adjustments in your game. It will provide you the best gaming experience with just under 1500 dollar. This amazing 6 GB GDDR5 type graphics card not only makes your gaming better but also takes care of your not missing any small detail of the game.

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acer predator helios 300 acer predator helios 300

Well this part is very excellently done in this gaming notebook acer predator helios 300. It gives you two USB 2.0 ports with two USB 3.0 port (one with power off charging facility). That’s not it, it also gives you new USB port of type- C 3.1 with HDMI port and Ethernet port.

In extras, there is AC adapter slot with one Kensington  lock slot with a headphone jack which is quite sufficient in gaming laptop under 1500 dollar. These gaming notebook uses dual-band 802.11ac WiFi for fast wireless connections with bluetooth 4.0.


acer predator helios 300

Well the final part which will conclude why this gaming notebook is best with GTX 1060. This gaming laptop gives you the best gaming performance with 15.6″ screen with resolution of 1920 x 1080. That is not all, the processor is powered by Intel which gives you i7-7700HQ with 2.8GHz.

Its storage is limited to 256GB but Graphics card is 6 GB Nvidia GTX 1060 takes your gaming to the next level. This gaming laptop comes with two cooling fans which keeps the heat away from while playing and does not come in between you and your gaming.

The battery is 1 lithium ion batteries which stays live up-to 7 hours. It weighs up-to 6 pounds while dimensions of these gaming laptop is 15.3 x 10.5 x 1.1.

If you are looking for gaming laptop under 1500 dollar and wants all the features than this the best gaming laptop for you.

Final Verdict:.

Acer Predator Helios 300

Acer Predator Helios 300







Graphics card


Battery life



  • Its processor is latest i7
  • Graphics card is at its best
  • Comes with Dual fan cooling
  • Amazing 16 GB RAM
  • A good battery life


  • Display is really good but can be improved
  • Storage is less compared to other existing notebooks

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