Advertise with us

Advertise with us.

There are some changes in our deals, we will now charge fees for showing ads or products on our website. It is very low price and we will offer a lifetime guarantee that your product will remain as it is and where it is on our website.

Why should one advertise with us:-

⇒We post a new article every week, so lot more roam for your links within our articles.

⇒This website has 1k-1.5k monthly visitors, which can benefit you as well.

⇒People around the world can see your name and product.

⇒You can reach more and new customers.

⇒We will provide do-follow links. 

Here are the plans:-

No.  Link Type Place Validity Price
1.  Text link In-article 2 months  $10
2. Image link  In-article  2 months $25
3. Text link  Side-bar on homepage 1 month  $30
4. Image link  Side-bar on homepage 1 month $40
5. Image link  Homepage between categories 1 month  $45
6. Text link  Homepage between categories 1 month  $50
7. Text link  In article  Lifetime  $70
8. Image link  In article  Lifetime $140

Price can be negotiated for one month plan. Contact me @ ‘’ if you agree with this plan. Please write the subject of the mail as ‘advertise with us’.

*we will also provide comment backlink, do contact us with subject ‘backlink’ via e-mail. Price will be negotiated on mail*