Top 5 Best Gaming PC under 500 dollars [August 2017]

NO time to Read Section: This section is for the users who don’t have time to read long articles. So short summary is, we have listed down the 5 best gaming PC which is perfect for budget gamers. If i were you I would love to go with Lenovo X315.  This gaming PC comes with AMD […]

Top 10 Best budget gaming keyboard under 1000 Rs. [August 2017]

Getting the best budget gaming keyboard under 1000 Rs. is a tough job to do. There is a number of gaming keyboards available in the market. The problem with them is they are very expensive and not everyone can afford them. This article is for them who wants the nicest gaming experience but have a […]

Lenovo Legion Y520 Review [July 2017] – The best budget gaming laptop

Is Lenovo Legion Y520 the best budget gaming laptop ? Let’s check it out. Pros ↑ Cons ↓ The build Quality is Good (in this budget) No 4K and VR Gaming is amazing with Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti (1060 as well) Touchpad is okay Keyboard is good  Battery life is a problem Performance is top notch Lenovo […]

Best gaming PC build under 800 dollar [July 2017]

Looking for best gaming PC build under 800 dollar ? Well we have got that covered for you. It is said that best gaming PC is not the one you buy, but the one you build. Yes that is true for sure. Building the gaming PC will give you freedom for what peripherals you want and how […]