Best gaming mouse under 100 dollars: Lethal weapon for true gamer

“More expensive the gaming mouse is, more good the performance will be”, this is completely a wrong myth. Yes buying a perfect gaming mouse can be bit difficult but that’s why we are here. Today we will provide you the guide for buying the best of the best in town. When we talk about buying stuff, money matters a lot (not to everyone).
Two things matters a lot while buying:-
i) Performance
ii) Comfort

Performance includes the DPI and how quickly it response. If you are playing FPS games (first person shooter), aiming, targeting and shooting are most important factors. If your gaming mouse can’t do that nicely you are doomed. It should provide you the best performance while you are playing any game.

The comfort includes the weight, its palm grip and its tracking.

All this comforts and performance in under 100 dollars are worth buying. We have done our research and found the best gaming mouse under 100 dollars. So let’s start:-

Roccat Kova gaming mouse:-

Which gaming mouse gives you speed and great power? The answer is “Roccat Kova. Roccat have set the standards and never let you down. This Kova  feels like having double Roccat power in your hand.



When you talk about the design of this gaming mouse, Kova is built in such a way that it suits both left and right-handers with its high octane built. The reflexive button provides you the fast response and keeps you in the higher position while playing. This gaming mouse also gives you an advanced button called ‘smart cast’ and ‘easy shift’. Smart cast provides you the reflexive control in fast paced games while easy shift is used for deadly combos. Easy shift doubles the functional button of Kova from 11 to 22. It also comes with its RGB lighting illuminating system will let you customize the look . You can create different styles of scroll button and mouse rim independent of each other. It lets you choose from 16.8 million colours.

Now let’s talk about the performance of this Kova gaming mouse. It gives you 3500 DPI and can be increased up to 7000 DPI via override mode. It comes with ROCCAT SWARM next generation driver system. This gaming mouse gives you 12 programmable button including scroll wheel. It gives you 1000Hz polling rate and 1ms of response time which makes your gaming experience better.


Corsair M65 RGB Laser Gaming Mouse

Next up our list is ‘Corsair M65 RGB laser gaming mouse’. Why you need the gaming mouse? The answer is because gamers’ don’t hold back while gaming and this brand gives one of the best gaming mouse under 100 dollars.


When we talk about the design, it comes with advance customization and is design so well that it feels like an extension of your hand. It comes with high-mass scroll wheel which makes you choose your weapon very precisely and comfortably. The one of the nicest thing about this mouse is its light in weight and gives you high rigidity.



It also gives you 16.8million colour customization and makes your mouse looks new every time you want. It is designed so well that it can work even on not so great surfaces. 8200 DPI laser sensor lets you play game more smoothly and comfortably and with the sniper button on the left this mouse looks cherry on the top.

All this comforts smooth working and much more in one mouse just under 100 dollars is worth going for.


Logitech G602 Gaming mouse

When you want one of the best gaming accessories, Logitech is the name you dive into. It have given us the nicest gaming mouse till now and now comes with G602.


When you talk about the design, the look of this mouse is bit different from others. It is shaped in such a way that it gives you comfort for hours while playing. DPI shift button is at your index finger tips and programmable buttons are on left side of the mouse. It is made of micro switches which gives these mouse 20million clicks of lifespan.
Good looks are not everything performance is all that matters.


This mouse gives you two modes, one for gamers which lets you play for almost 250 hours on one charge. Don’t want to play, switch it to endurance mode and let your battery run up to 1440 hours. Easy to reach buttons let you switch from low DPI (250) to highest DPI that is 2500.


It comes with 11 programmable buttons and delta zero sensor technology. Also said that this is the first mouse to come with delta zero technology. It gives you high accuracy cursor control and all this features under 100 dollars, worth a shot.


Razer Naga Hex V2 Gaming mouse

Next up is ‘Razer Naga Hex V2’. Razer has been great till now when it comes to gaming accessories. Razer brings you Naga hex V2 which keeps the name of the brand and improve your gaming experience.


Let’s start with the design, it gives you chills when we talk about design.There is 7 buttons on the left side of the mouse which are in circular shape and in total gives you 14MOBA optimized programmable buttons. It also gives you rubberized thumb grip which makes it more comfortable.



It gives you 16.8 million colour options to choose from and inter device colour synchronization. Not only good looks it gives you great performance with 16000 DPI 5G laser sensor. This gives you command over your game and makes you gaming better. With the 1ms response time and light weight it better mouse than any other in town.


With all this features, there is no doubt that Razer Naga Hex V2 is one the nicest under 100 dollars.


SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming mouse

Last but not the least in our list is ‘SteelSeries Rival 700’. SteelSeries has been up to the mark when we talk gaming stuff and it’s not letting us down this time too. SteelSeries brings you the ‘rival 700’.


When we talk about the design, it is simple and effective.

It comes with programmable buttons of the left hand side and satisfies all grips like palm, claw and fingertip. It weighs 0.3lbs which is quite light and allows you to choose from 16.8 million colours.

As simple the design is, as deadly the performance. It comes with Pixart 9800 which is lastest gaming sensor in the market. It gives you 8200DPI which surely makes gaming experience better and also triggers the tactical alarm for stun, health ammo etc. Not only all this it also gives digital display of your kills and deaths on the right hand side of the mouse. Also gives your headshots counts which surely make you feel that you are in the game.

Not only has all this it also gives you two covered to choose from. One gives you the sleek glossy finish while other is textured with anti-sweat finish. All this comforts just under 100 dollars is worth buying.

So these were my best choices of gaming mouse under 100 dollars. You can ask your queries in comment section and if you are new please subscribe to stay in touch with our new posts. We will be back soon with another gaming stuff till than keep gaming.

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