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Lot of people owns a Gaming PC but not all owns gaming mouse. Gaming mice is such a thing that can make hell of difference between winning and losing. The one which suits your hand and one with nicest specification is said to be the best. But when we talk about the best money becomes one of important criteria. These post is for those who wants best of the best and money isn’t the big issue.

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Well all the gaming mice can’t be the best, some of them are not worth a money. It is difficult to find the best if market is full of gaming accessories. We are here you, we have find the best out of best gaming mouse for you. It is not a mouse, it is weapon in hand of gamer and with the perfect weapon you taste win every time. 

So lets start with our list of best gaming mouse:-

1. ROG SPATHA gaming mouse

gaming mouse

First up in our list of best gaming mouse is “ROG SPATHA” by Asus. Asus has been up to the mark when it comes to gaming accessories and now it comes with another gaming mouse ‘Spatha’. When we talk about the design of these mouse, it comes with customizable switch socket design. Mouse can go through lot of beating and punishment thus Spatha comes with durable Omron switches. It also gives you 20-million-click lifespan and also gives you 12 programmable buttons. 
gaming mouseThese gaming mice comes with 6 programmable thumb buttons. It comes with 8200 dpi which leaves you with two options. First, standard speed for everyday gaming and another is extra low speed for better aiming and sniping. Left and right buttons are independent of mouse body for tactile click response. It gives you 2000Hz polling rate allows you to get complete precision and response so you are never out of action. Its Right hand design gives you ideal palm and claw grip and you can choose between wireless and wired mouse. You can even customize the LED light effects on the scroll wheel, side buttons and ROG logo from number of colours. 

All these features makes this mouse one of the best gaming mouse. 

2. RAZER OUROBOROS gaming mouse

Next up in our list is “OUROBOROS” by Razer. These gaming mouse is very handy, it comes with customizable ergonomics to fit in all hands sizes and grips. It is fully customizable to your personal needs with an adjustable arched palm rest to retractable back and 4 interchangeable side panels. These gaming mice gives you amazing comfort and let’s you play hours reducing fatigue. It comes with 8200DPI 4G laser sensor which gives you more control and better placement over your shots. 

It comes with 11 programmable hyperesponse buttons with 1000Hz ultrapolling. With up to 200 inches per second and 50g acceleration it is one of the best gaming mouse in the market.

gaming mouse

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3. Logitech G900 CHAOS SPECTRUM gaming mouse

gaming mouse

Next up in our list is “G900 CHAOS SPECTRUM” by logitech. When you are playing serious game, one step can decide whether you will win or lose. G900 chaos spectrum is the mouse gamers love to rely on while playing major E-sport tournaments. It’s 1ms of response rate and 200-1200 dpi options, these gaming mouse keeps you in the game all the time. Design of these mouse is so ambidextrous that fits your hand and desired grip you want.

gaming mouse It is light weight with 11 programmable buttons which can control your moment on  your fingertips. Not only all these, it also gives you 16.8 million colors to choose from for programmable RGB lighting. You can play with wire or you can choose to play without it, it gives you choice between wire/wireless mouse. With all these amazing features it becomes one of the best gaming mouse to play your favorite games with.

4. RAZER MAMBA gaming mouse

gaming mouse

Next up in list of best gaming mouse is “Razer Mamba“. Razer has been up to the mark when we talk about the gaming accessories and is now back with another mouse. It is designed so nicely that it fits amazing in your hand with textured rubber side grips. Not only these, it gives you 16.8 million colors to choose from with inter-device color synchronization technique. Amazing thing about these mouse is that you can use both wired and wireless.

 When we talk about the performance, it comes with 16,000 dpi with 5G laser sensor. It gives you acceleration of up to 50 G / 210 inches per second. Not only all this, it gives  1000 Hz polling rate with 1ms response time with on-fly adjustment technology. It weighs approximately 125g that is 0.27lbs.  These features gives it entry in the list of best gaming mouse.


MAD CATZ RAT PRO X gaming mouse:-

gaming mouse

Next up in our list is “RAT PRO X” by Mad Catz. If you are looking for best weapon for gaming, than this is it. These gaming mouse is one of the best in our list which gives you leading life of 50 million clicks with swift and strong, comfortable and is very customizable. As we all are different, Madcatz gives you options to customize your mouse in whichever style you want and it offers up to 2700 different physical configurations.

gaming mouseWhen we talk about design it gives you 16.8 colors to choose from. 

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So these was all about best gaming mouse in market where money isn’t a big issue to concern about. If you are new than subscribe our wizard so that you don’t miss any of our posts and we will be back soon till than KEEP GAMING.

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