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Need a cheap gaming pc can’t afford the high range pc so here i am with new post. Today I will teach you “How to build a cheap gaming pc”. Before we talk about “how” I would like to say “why” why one should get his/her own gaming PC. There is lots of gaming PCs available in the market but why one should build their own PC. The gaming PCs in market are bit more expensive and not everyone can afford it. So building your own PC gives you the driving seat.

Here are the advantages you get if you build a cheap gaming PC:-

  • Can save your money: – building your own PC bit cheaper than buying it. Not everyone can afford the gaming PC, 9 out of 10 people chooses to build their own.
  • Your exact need: – you can get whatever you want according to your need. If you buy than you have to stick to the things you get with it but if you have build your own, you can change or update anytime you need.
  • Learn new thing: – by watching some videos on “how to build a PC” you can easily build it and can learn new things. It not only increases your knowledge but also gives you handy skills if you learn computers in future.

Let’s start with “how to build a cheap gaming PC” and things to keep in mind while building one: –

 Getting the information for cheap gaming pc: –

It is bit difficult to build cheap gaming pc. If you do something new you have to get the proper information of it so that you don’t screw things up. You can search Google for what things you might need to build a chap gaming PC. Collect the as many information you can and then take the further steps.

 Choosing the CPU: –


Choosing the best CPU is one of the important step when you build a cheap gaming PC. It is called the brain of the computer. If you choose the most expensive and fastest CPU won’t result in good. The CPU and motherboard should match each other. Not all CPUs are compatible with all motherboards; you need to find the CPU that work with your motherboard. If you have no idea what is going on in the computer market we will tell you the best CPUs. One of the best CPUs in market is “Intel” and “AMD”. Both of them are leading the CPU world and never let you down.

When we talk about the best CPU for gaming Intel i5 or i7 are the nicest. Both of themCPU2

are bit same but i7 is bit more expensive and yes it is faster than i5. If you want to go with AMD, you can buy the AMD FX series which is also one of the nicest. All depend on the money you can spend and how much faster processor you want. When you use CPU and lay games you will come into the problem of heating. Processor comes with inbuilt heat sink but if you feel that it won’t be enough you can buy cooler fans so that you can play your games without worrying about the heat.

 Best motherboard: –


If CPU is the heart then motherboard is the nervous system to the PC. Motherboard is responsible for relaying information between all the components. It acts as the central hub of your other components connects to. When you are about to choose the best motherboard you need to keep in mind few things like is it compatible with your RAM, CPU etc. You should and you must find the motherboard as same socket as your CPU. Not only CPU but also you need to see if you’re chosen motherboard is compatible you’re RAM.MB@

While choosing motherboard you need to see the RAM’s speed, its size and its capacity further we will about it in “CHOOSE BEST RAM” section. Last but not the least the thing you should keep in mind while getting best motherboard for cheap gaming pc is “stick to brands”. You need to buy the stuff which is branded and trusted like gigabyte, MSI etc.



For those who don’t know what it is, RAM is random access memory which stores the running program. The more RAM, the faster and smoother your game and other programs will run. Finding the best RAM and investing a good amount in it can be a good idea and will improve your PC’s performance.RAM2

The question is ‘how much RAM should a cheap gaming pc should have?’ the answer is ‘as much as you can afford’. If you windows 8 and run few programs and that’s all you do, there is no need to spend enough money. Well here we are talking about the gaming pc and more the RAM more the fun. Getting a RAM which is 8GB is enough for cheap gaming pc but if you can spend more 16GB/32GB can work as smooth as pie. The thing you should keep in mind is ‘trusted companies’. Always buy stuff from trusted companies like Kingston, crucial, patriot etc. (stay tuned to, I will bring you the best RAM under budget soon). Buying stuff from unknown and non trust worthy companies is not something I would recommend.

 Choosing the best HARD DRIVE: –


Hard drive is where all your programs, files and games will be stored. The bigger it is the more games you can store. Always keep in mind ‘stick to the trusted companies’. Yes we are here to build cheap gaming pc but not that cheap.

 Choosing the best graphics card: –


You can find the best graphics card from below link;

5 best graphics card

 Choosing the best monitor: –


You can find the best monitor from below link;

5 best gaming monitor under 500 dollars

 Choosing the correct PC case: –


You got everything right but the main part is choosing the PC case. Having a PC case which is good in quality and is reliable is said to be the best. While buying a PC case few things should be in mind: –fd-define-mini-side-large

 Size of the case

 The compatibility of the motherboard

 Cooling

 Design of that PC case

 Drive bays

 Cable management

 Choosing the food: –


No I am not talking about pizza or anything I am talking about the power supply. Without power supply your PC will be just a case full of plastic and metal. The thing you should keep in mind is ‘how much power supply do you need’. Well we are here talking about cheap gaming pc the supply should sufficient. I recommend there should be about 500-600W of power supply.psu1 for cheap gaming pc

As I always said and still saying ‘stick to the trusted companies’. PSU (power supply unit) is most important part of the PC so it needs to be perfect. It also cools your system when it gets heated so choose the best you can.

So guys these were my tips to build cheap gaming pc hope you like it. You can ask your queries in comment I would be happy to solve it and help you guys. Please subscribe as we need your love and support and keep gaming.

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