Build gaming PC under 1000 dollars: Less money more Features

Hello all the gaming geeks out there, today we will be discussing about how you can build your gaming PC under 1000 dollars. In this post we will guide you and make gaming PC just perfect for you in money less than others. Buying PC can be tough job and expensive but correct hardware and appropriate knowledge of it can make things easy. We have invested our time and with lots of research, we have found the best gaming PC under 1000 dollars which can be build at home.

Well not everyone knows the importance of gaming PC and building it rather than buying it. Making thing from scratch and designing it is fun in its own. It is very easy and straightforward job and any one can do it with some help. Before we move ahead in our topic we would like to put some light the pros of building gaming PC. So lets begin:-

  1. Money Matters :- Well not everyone can afford high-end gaming PC. But why to spend much when your work can be done in little. Build according to your needs and buy stuff according to your needs, you want GTX 960 get it, want GTX 1080 you can it.
  2. Your needs matters :-  Best thing to do is, list down the things you need in your PC and do work according to it. You can skip the unwanted things and invest money more on what you want.
  3. Upgrades becomes more easy :- Your previous PC had GTX 960 but you want GTX 1080, you can easily upgrade it. With the machines which are pre-built these feature of up-gradation is limited or not possible.

Tips for building cheap gaming PC

Now we will List out the things which are required in building gaming PC:-

  1. Graphics Card
  2. Processor
  3. Motherboard
  4. RAM
  5. Hard drive 
  6. Power Supply 
  7. Case
  8. Cooler Fan (if needed)

Graphics Card

It’s a tough job to find top-notch equipment for Gaming PC particularly if it less than 1000 dollars. We have found two best graphics card for you which make you PC better in all aspects.

Graphics card is the thing that makes all the difference when you play game. So choosing the best GPU will provide you the best gaming experience and there are lot of them in the market but we have to keep money in mind. Hence we ended up with the two best and cheap graphics card. The one on the left is Geforce GTX 960 by EVGA and one on the right is Sapphire Radeon Nitro RX 480.  Both of these GPUs are said to be the best while you are building your budget gaming PC. The table below shows the comparison of these two GPUs.

1. Sapphire Radeon Nitro RX 480                                           2. EVGA Geforce GTX 960

graphics card                                                graphics card

[table id=36 /]

More Graphics cards by Nvidia and AMD 


The most important component of your PC is the processor. These is the component which will decide good your PC will work. It does almost everything inside you Laptop or PC and can make lot of difference in the performance of your PC.

Intel i5 6200


As you the know the importance of the processor, you can’t afford take any risk about it. We found the best budget processor in the market for you which is i5 6200 core processor from Intel. These processor comes with LGA 1151 and DDR4 and DDR3L support. It can give display resolution up to 4096 x 2304 with Intel turbo boost technology. Also compatible with Intel 100 series chipset motherboards. It’s processor counts are 4 and wattage up to 65 watt.

[table id=37 /]


Before talking much about motherboard, we need to understand what motherboard is. To those who are familiar with computers thinks these as a silly introduction but for those who don’t much about computer these is worth it. Motherboard as name suggest takes care of all the components of the PC (because these example is easier to understand). It is the central hub that allows all the computer peripherals to connect to the computer and than to the power supply.

MSI 970 Gaming  DD3 motherboard

motherboardIts heat sink is over-sized and heat dissipation which allows you to play for 24 hours/day.  Also supports DDR3-2133 memory with usb 3.0 and SATA 6 Gb/s. These motherboard gives you Audio boost by nahimic sound technology which gives you the best sound in the town with 8-channel HD audio. One of the most reliable gaming ports which can be used by mouse and gives you quicker responses and smoother. It comes with smart fan control where user can monitor real time status of the fans.


The Question is why to care so much about the RAM? The answer is, because It is the core ingredient of building any PC not specifically gaming PC. The performance of your PC lies in the hands of RAM. The overall performance of your PC is based on how good your CPU and RAM work together. More the RAM your CPU has access to more better the performance. Thus RAM is key element in making your PC better.

G.SKILL TridentZ series


Its capacity is 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) with 288 type pin. Cas latency of 15 and timing of 15-16-16-35 with voltage of 1.25V. It comes with dual multi channel kit with Intel Z170 platform / Intel X99 Platform chipset with stylish and sleek aluminium heat spreader design.Know more

Hard Drive

Hard drive is such a device on computer which stores the software or whatever data you want to store. More big the Hard drive more the data in your PC. Nowadays no game is less than 5-10 GB so having hard drive of 500 GB or anything less than 1TB is of no use. You can also get it more than 1 TB but its all up to you how much space you want in your PC.

WD Blue cache desktop drive

hard driveIt comes with Intelliseek which calculates the optimum seek speed to reduce the power consumption and other factors. Comes with DataLifeGuard which monitors your drive and keep in up-to-date condition. It also gives you no touch ramp load technology which protect your data and is tested in WD labs and also available in desktop 3.5 inch and mobile 2.5 inch form factors. And the main and most important thing it lets you save 1 TB of data with 16-64 MB of cache memory with interface of SATA 6Gb/s. 7200 RPM is hard drive rotational speed with 1 processor count which makes it the best choice for gaming pc under 1000 dollars.

Power Supply

It converts the standard household power supply to a form that is used by the PC. As the name suggests it supplies power to every component of the PC. So that was the formal knowledge about the power supply. We need to find the best component to make gaming PC under 1000 dollars.

EVGA Power Supply 750 GQ

power supply These power supply by EVGA gives you great quality of capacitors which ensure long-term reliability with Nvidia SLI and AMD cross fire ready. It also gives you heavy duty protections like OTP (over temperature protection), OCP (over current protection) etc. Comes with EGVA eco mode which ensures that power supply stays completely in control while low or medium loads.


Case is all you need at the end of the day. You got all the accessories which you need to make best gaming PC under 1000 dollars but question is where to assemble them. The case is the answer for that, it is the place where all your components will go.

NZXT S340 Razer edition computer case

caseIt comes with superior durability 90% steel construction and 360 degree steel casing. The front panel and cable management bar comes with a backlit triple headed snake logo tinted window and LED power button. It comes with steel plated audio jacks and over 20 cable management points. 474mm high and 432mm long case lets all your the components fit perfectly and makes it the best case for gaming PC under 1000 dollars.

These was the article about gaming PC which you make just under 1000 dollars and according to our survey with all the components we showed you can make your personal computer in just 850 dollars. The PC we just build will give you same gaming experience as the PC costs 1500 dollars or more. If you have any queries about any gaming stuff you can contact us and if you are new to these please subscribe and never miss an update from

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