best budget gaming headset under 30 dollars

Top 10 Best budget gaming headset under 30 dollar [January 2018]

Best budget gaming headset under 30 dollar is not the deal you always get. Finding a gaming headset can be a cumbersome job. To make your this task easier, we have gathered all the best budget gaming headset under 30 dollar at one place. So gamer, welcome to our article on Top 10 best budget […]

Top 5 best gaming headset under 1000 rupees [Sept 2017]

Are you looking for best gaming headset under 1000 rupees? Are you tired of your old headset and want another best one but are low on budget? Not to worry, today we will talk about and list the best gaming headset for budget gamers just under or near 1000 rupees. Not only best gaming accessories, […]

Best gaming headsets under 100 dollar: Every sound matters.

When we talk about gaming than it is incomplete without sound. No matter how good the game is but it doesn’t any sense if the sound is not right. Mouse, keyboard, monitor etc. plays vital role in gaming but we can’t ignore headsets. You are playing competitive mode in CS:GO and the enemy is running and if you can’t hear him you are dead man and it can be reason behind winning and losing. Gaming headset provides you such precision in hearing and takes you one step ahead in whichever game you play.

But gaming headset is not all about hearing sounds and playing, there can be  other factors that we should look into. Well first thing is its weight, how much it weighs because when you play time doesn’t matter and having heavy weight headset is not comforting. Another one is fabric used in the ear buds. Well there are number of gaming headsets in market but getting the best can be bit confusion. That’s why we are here for today we bring you best gaming headsets under 100 dollars which can be used by any player noob or pro. So lets start with our list:-

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5 best gaming headset under 50 dollars


“Best gaming headset” yes every gamer is incomplete without headset. Before we start with best gaming headset, what is headset? It is a device which is used for communication between user and the machine. It comes in two parts, one is said to be microphone or mic and other one is called speakers. Mic is used to send player’s voice to the machine and speaker is used to get sound from the machine to the user/player. Gaming headset are those which are built especially for gaming.

What is the importance of gaming headset?

You buy a headset you use it for lots of purpose for watching movies, listening songs and other stuff. But why to use particular headset for gaming, does the ordinary headset are not up to the mark? No it’s not like that. Gaming headset are made only and only for gaming. Yes you can watch movies with it, hear songs but when you play games with it, it will take you gaming experience to the next level.

They are built for the gamers and when you use them, you can feel the game. You feel like you are inside the game and are part of with. While with ordinary headset you can play games but it feels like communicating with the machine. They provide you noise cancellation feature. It omits the unwanted sound coming from the surrounding. It is one of the most important features which allow you to communicate with your mates without any disturbance.


Let’s start with the list of best gaming headset under 50 dollars,

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