Best gaming headsets under 100 dollar: Every sound matters.

When we talk about gaming than it is incomplete without sound. No matter how good the game is but it doesn’t any sense if the sound is not right. Mouse, keyboard, monitor etc. plays vital role in gaming but we can’t ignore headsets. You are playing competitive mode in CS:GO and the enemy is running and if you can’t hear him you are dead man and it can be reason behind winning and losing. Gaming headset provides you such precision in hearing and takes you one step ahead in whichever game you play.

But gaming headset is not all about hearing sounds and playing, there can be  other factors that we should look into. Well first thing is its weight, how much it weighs because when you play time doesn’t matter and having heavy weight headset is not comforting. Another one is fabric used in the ear buds. Well there are number of gaming headsets in market but getting the best can be bit confusion. That’s why we are here for today we bring you best gaming headsets under 100 dollars which can be used by any player noob or pro. So lets start with our list:-

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