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Build the best low budget gaming PC under 500 dollar : Cheap gaming PC build May 2017

Want to build the best low budget gaming PC under 500 dollar ? Well you have come to the right place. Building gaming PC is not an easy task and that too under 500 dollars is the toughest. Which part should you select, which would be appropriate GPU, what performance it will provide and much […]

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Build gaming PC under 1000 dollars: Less money more Features

Hello all the gaming geeks out there, today we will be discussing about how you can build your gaming PC under 1000 dollars. In this post we will guide you and make gaming PC just perfect for you in money less than others. Buying PC can be tough job and expensive but correct hardware and […]


Best gaming monitor under 200 dollars

Why gaming monitor? Well these post will give you the answer of these question. While buying gaming equipment many people ignores the monitor but the fact is, it is as important as other accessories. Today we will talk about the best gaming monitor available in market in less than 200 dollars. But before jumping directly to the list, I would love to share the things to keep in mind while buying them.

Things to keep in mind:-

1. Refresh Rate:-

First thing about Refresh Rate is what it is actually, well refresh rate is nothing but the number frames monitor can display. For example, any monitor gives you 144Hz refresh rate gives you 144 frames per second. It reduces the motion blur and gives you better gameplay.

   2.Response Time:-

Response time is how long it takes to show the action performed by any controller, keyboard, mouse etc. on the monitor. Lower the Response time faster the action. 

             3. Color and Black levels:-

The worst thing in games is the camper sitting in the black and you not able to see them and getting killed by them. Well Black equalizer increases your brightness level in the dark areas and let you see them crystal- clear.

It is the most important accessory on which your gaming experience is dependent. Well everyone cannot afford the high-end monitor, so we have shortlisted the best out of best for you under 200 dollars. So let’s start:-

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Tips for “How to build a cheap gaming pc”


Need a cheap gaming pc can’t afford the high range pc so here i am with new post. Today I will teach you “How to build a cheap gaming pc”. Before we talk about “how” I would like to say “why” why one should get his/her own gaming PC. There is lots of gaming PCs available in the market but why one should build their own PC. The gaming PCs in market are bit more expensive and not everyone can afford it. So building your own PC gives you the driving seat.

Here are the advantages you get if you build a cheap gaming PC:-

  • Can save your money: – building your own PC bit cheaper than buying it. Not everyone can afford the gaming PC, 9 out of 10 people chooses to build their own.
  • Your exact need: – you can get whatever you want according to your need. If you buy than you have to stick to the things you get with it but if you have build your own, you can change or update anytime you need.
  • Learn new thing: – by watching some videos on “how to build a PC” you can easily build it and can learn new things. It not only increases your knowledge but also gives you handy skills if you learn computers in future.

Let’s start with “how to build a cheap gaming PC” and things to keep in mind while building one: – Read more about Tips for “How to build a cheap gaming pc”

5 best gaming monitor under 500 dollars

Hello all the gamers out there, today we will be talking about the best gaming monitor available in the market. Before we move on to the topic I would like to share information about “Things to keep in mind while buying gaming monitor”. What makes a complete gaming set? Not only good graphics card, good […]


5 best gaming desktop under 1000 dollars

Why to use gaming desktop while you can play games on laptop, well the major reason gamers prefer desktop is heating problems. Gaming desktop solves these problems, it provides you with the different types of cooling techniques which make you play non-stop. These was the one of the problem’s there many like graphic card is limited you can’t reassemble it and etc. so Want a gaming desktop? Buy one. But the question is “HOW?” There are so many gaming desktop in the market which confuses you and leaves you with a question “which one to buy?” today I will be showing you the 5 best gaming desktop but before that I would love to show the list of things keep in mind while buying or assembling the gaming desktop.

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