Best gaming monitor under 200 dollars

Why gaming monitor? Well these post will give you the answer of these question. While buying gaming equipment many people ignores the monitor but the fact is, it is as important as other accessories. Today we will talk about the best gaming monitor available in market in less than 200 dollars. But before jumping directly to the list, I would love to share the things to keep in mind while buying them.

Things to keep in mind:-

1. Refresh Rate:-

First thing about Refresh Rate is what it is actually, well refresh rate is nothing but the number frames monitor can display. For example, any monitor gives you 144Hz refresh rate gives you 144 frames per second. It reduces the motion blur and gives you better gameplay.

   2.Response Time:-

Response time is how long it takes to show the action performed by any controller, keyboard, mouse etc. on the monitor. Lower the Response time faster the action. 

             3. Color and Black levels:-

The worst thing in games is the camper sitting in the black and you not able to see them and getting killed by them. Well Black equalizer increases your brightness level in the dark areas and let you see them crystal- clear.

It is the most important accessory on which your gaming experience is dependent. Well everyone cannot afford the high-end monitor, so we have shortlisted the best out of best for you under 200 dollars. So let’s start:-

1. Benq Zowie RL2460 gaming monitor:-

gming monitor

First up in our list is “Zowie RL2460” by Benq which is made considering each and every detail in mind about E-sports. These monitor comes with 24″ Full HD screen with the aspect aspect ratio of 1920×1080. Its station setup lets you play without any distractions and gives you lag free display which takes you one step ahead in head to head combat. It lets you to choose the game modes like FPS, FTG etc. with the touch of one key. 

It comes with Black eQualizer which lets you see enemies camping in dark by increasing the brightness. Not only all this, it also comes with flicker-free technology which lets you play without any eye strain and gives comfortable long lasting plays. Read more


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2. LG 25UM57-P gaming monitor:-

Next up in the list is “25UM57-P” by LG electronics. These monitor contains 25″ Full HD screen which gives you the clear image while you are playing. When we talk about the refresh rate, it gives you 60Hz refresh rate with 5ms of response time. It makes your gameplay smooth and takes you step closer to your game. It comes with dual HDMI ports and two different modes, reader mode and gamer mode.

Well nowadays people love to play games on split screen. These LG 25UM57-p comes with split screen option. It also support the dual controller support which lets you use couple of controller at a time. Its panel type is IPS and is EnerStar  qualified which makes it one of the best in the list.Read more


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3. Acer GN246HL gaming monitor:-

Next in our list is “GN246HL” by Acer. These gaming monitor gives you 24″ beautiful Full HD display with 3D content via PC DVI-DL. These technology not only assure you the nicest gameplay but also gives thrill while playing games like outlast, the evil within etc. It comes with Acer Echo Display which lower the power consumption. These Full HD makes your each and every move clear and more dramatic.

When we talk about the refresh rate, it comes with 144Hz of refresh rate which gives you smooth gameplay. Its 1 ms response time always keeps you one step ahead of the enemy. All these feature in just under 200 dollar is worth buying.Read more


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4. Viewsonic VX2257-MHD gaming monitor:-


Nest up in our list of best gaming monitor is “VX 2257-MHD” by Viewsonic. It gives you 22″ Full HD screen which gives you better performance and built for high-end gaming and entertainment. With its ultra fast response time of 2ms and low input lag takes your gaming to the next level without any blur or ghosting. It also gives you AMD FreeSync technology which perfectly syncs the frame rate between graphics card and monitor.

As we all know that battlefield can get intense and no one like the lag, these monitor decreases the delays between all inputs and allows you to react in real time. It also gives you Black stabilization which lets you see the enemies camping in dark clean and clear and increases your visibility. Also gives you game mode hotkeys which lets you choose from FPS, FTG and moba.Read more


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5. Asus VG245H gaming monitor:-

When we are talking about the best of the best Asus brings you the result. “VG245H” by asus is said to be one of the best gaming monitor in the market. It gives you amazing 24″ Full HD screen which gives you GameFast input technology for smooth gameplay. When we talk about its response time, it gives you ultra-fast 1ms of response time. Asus gives GamePlus hotkey which allows ingame enhancements to optimize visuals.

While gaming every seconds or i should say millisecond counts. These VG245H gives you 75Hz of refresh rate which makes you live the game and won’t let you miss any second. Not only these, it comes with AMD FreeSync technology which eliminates the image tearing for fast gameplay. It comes with two HDMI ports which lets you connects multiple accessories at the same time. These Asus VG245H gives you flicker free technology which reduces the flicker and gives you better gaming experience.  Read more


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So guys these was my list of best gaming monitor under 200 dollars and these is for those who can’t spend much on gaming accessories. If you have any queries regarding these post you can ask in comment section. If you are new here than please subscribe and stay touch with us and never miss an update from us. We will be back with another budget gaming stuff till than KEEP GAMING. 

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