Top 5 gaming laptop: best of the best in year 2016

Best thing about laptop is that you can carry them anywhere you want. These gives you advantage when you play games on it. You can put it comfortably and play your games in any position you want. Basically this post is for those who can spend as much money as they want on laptop.

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The disadvantages with gaming laptops is that they catch heat very fast and you have to wait till it cools down. Well yes that was one of the reason people stay away from buying gaming laptops. The time has changed, gaming laptops provide  cooling system which makes your laptop as good as your PC. Not only the cooling but nowadays laptops come with VR-Ready technology. Yes the price of this laptops are bit higher than normal but are worth buying.

One more problem is that, nowadays there are so many laptops are in town which makes you confuse what and which one to buy. Well our team has shortlisted the best of the best laptop for you. So without any further ado let’s start:-

1} HP Omen gaming laptop:-


hp omen gaming laptop

First up in the list is “HP Omen“. This laptop comes with windows 10 (64 bit) inbuilt operating system. When we talk about  the processor about these laptop it comes with Intel i7 core processor. It gives you 17.3” diagonal WLED display with anti-glare feature which makes you see the character of the game better. It  also gives you the 4k display which let you stay in the game and enjoy the gameplay without any lag.Most important thing about the gaming laptop is the performance, no matter how costly it is. These laptop gives you 16GB RAM which speeds up your processes and also gives you 512 GB Secondary storage. Not only this, it also comes VR-Ready which will improve your gaming experience and let you live the character.

Hp omen gaming laptop


Specification Window

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2} Razer Blade Stealth gaming laptop  :-

razer blade stealth gaming laptop

Next up in our list is the “Razer Blade Stealth” . Razer has never let their customer down when its about their accessories and now they have gain awards for “Razer Blade Stealth gaming laptop“. These gaming machine has set standards for other ultrabooks and has been up to the mark. It comes with amazing 12.5” 4k high resolution display which let you feel inside the game. Not only the display, it comes with 7th Gen Intel core processor with 16GB of RAM which definitely improve your gaming experience.

When we talk about the storage, this laptop gives you 1TB of storage which let you store high-end games. That’s not the all, it also introduces “the thunderbolt 3” technology which increases your speed up to 40Gbps. A single cable gives you four times the data and twice the video bandwidth. One of the nicest thing about this laptop is that, you can upgrade or customize graphics card as per your need from AMD Radeon R9 285 to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080.

Razer blade stealth gaming laptop

Specification Window

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3} MSI GT83VR-6RF-Titan-SLI gaming laptop:-

MSI gaming laptop

Now the list goes towards “MSI Titan” one of the best gaming laptop. It comes with windows 10 home/pro with 18.4″ full HD display which gives you closer look towards your game. Not only the display but it also gives you latest 6th Gen core i7 processor which makes your game run smoothly and effectively. MSI has proved its name in gaming department and don’t let you down these time either, it gives you cooler boost titan technology. It also gives you intelligent keypad/numeric key pad and comes with thunderbolt 3 technology. Keyboard is from steelseries with single back-lighting. When its about gaming GTX can’t stay back, this laptop comes with NVIDIA GTX-10 series graphics card which undoubtedly improves your gaming experience. When its 2016 its VR-Ready and high-end audio quality raised up-to 16 times. All this details and features makes these laptop worth buying.

MSI gaming laptop

Specification Window

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4} ROG GX800 gaming laptop :-

ROG gaming laptop

It has been said that gaming desktop is much useful and provides you best gameplay than gaming laptop. This laptop from ROG will change this mindset. This laptop comes with windows 10 professional and 18.4″ 4k display which gives you better look at the games you are playing. When we talk about the processor of this laptop it gives you Intel i7 processor with 64 GB RAM and 1 TB of storage capacity. The cooling system has been upgraded from GX700’s, it gives you dual power adapter of 330 watt which boost your performance and hydro overlocking system releasing the heat. When we talk about the graphics card of this laptop, it gives you dual GTX1080 which improves your gaming experience. It also comes VR-Ready and stream friendly features with ROG- sonic studio II improves your audio quality.

ROG gaming laptop


Specification Window

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5} Razer Blade Pro gaming laptop:-

razer blade pro gaming laptop

Last but not the least in our list is “Razer Blade Pro” gaming laptop. For those who thinks desktop is the best way for gaming, so mates you are wrong and the answer is “Razer Blade Pro“. This laptop gives you 17.3” 4k touchscreen display with 8.3 million pixels makes you visual experience better and best. Not only visually but also it makes everything better from performance to game-play. It comes with 6th Gen i7 quad-core processor with 4 cores having hyper-threading technology and up to 3.5GHz speed.

When we talk about the graphics, this laptop comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080 which unleashes the real gaming experience. This keeps all desktops behind and delivers performance better than other older GPUs. It also gives you the finest mechanical keyboard which lets you play like an expert with anti-ghosting capabilities.

keyboard of the laptop

Specification Window

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So that was all for today, we have brought you the best of the best gaming laptops released in 2016. If if if we forget any or left any please do comment and if you are than hit subscribe so that you don’t miss are latest updates. Follow us on social media and let us know how you feel about this post. We will be back with the new post soon till than “keep gaming“.





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